Our Methodology -

Matching Your Requirements to Provider Capabilities

Our team is continually monitoring changes in the contact center outsourcing market to identify and assess the customer experience market leaders. This information is captured in our proprietary knowledge base, which includes quantitative information such as:

  • Operational locations
  • Industries supported
  • Number of seats
  • Language support offerings
  • Qualitative factors such as service delivery performance and leadership excellence

When we engage with you, our initial step is to complete a deep dive with your team to understand your outsourcing strategy, desired outcomes, business and workflow requirements, and unique service delivery factors including country/region preference, language support, and technology parameters.

Next, we complete a requirements analysis based on our deep dive into your outsourcing needs. We then leverage our proprietary knowledge base of providers to identify and match your requirements to a select group of providers – we typically recommend 3-5 select providers, but we will include any number of providers required by your process. Every buyer has unique needs, and our matching process ensures that we deliver to you a list of providers positioned to meet your needs.

After we have delivered our list of recommended providers to you, we will arrange an initial introduction between you and senior leaders from each of the providers you have approved. Our mission is to streamline your outsourcing partner identification and connection process, allowing you to have a more productive dialogue directly with the right providers. And these services are delivered at no cost to buyers!

Once we have completed the initial introductions between you and the select providers, you take over with your own assessment and selection process (e.g. RFI/RFP/etc.).

  • Identify best-in-class Providers
  • Capture Provider data in our knowledge base
  • Prepare a detailed requirements analysis based on your needs
  • Match your requirements to Providers from our portfolio
  • Recommend a select group of Providers to you
  • Introduce you to the selected Providers