Frequently Asked Questions


What services does Strategic Sourcing Advisors (SSA) provide to buyers and what is the cost?

There is never a fee for buyers to take advantage of SSA’s provider matching services.  SSA will meet with your team to determine your specific outsourcing requirements and preferences.  We then complete an analysis report based on the type of work, location preferences, language requirements and other key factors of your business.  We use this analysis to comprehensively match your requirements to the capabilities detailed in our proprietary knowledge base of select providers, and deliver to you a list of providers matching those requirements.  We will then introduce you to senior leaders at the providers you wish to meet.  Throughout the process, there is no obligation or fee to you for our matching services.

You are under no obligation to engage any of the providers we recommend and remain in full control of your Request for Proposal (RFP) process.  Our role is to identify and connect you to the right set of providers based on your unique requirements. You negotiate directly with the providers, evaluate them based on your own criteria and contract directly with the selected provider.

Why do I need this service if I already know how to find outsourced contact center providers?

The contact center market is a $200 billion industry and the provider landscape is constantly changing.  It is challenging for buyers to stay current with industry trends, emerging locations, and identifying the best providers to meet your needs can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.  This is especially true for buyers searching for superior small and mid-size providers.

SSA saves you the time, effort, and expense of staying current with industry trends and identifying providers with the right set of capabilities and performance track record to satisfy your requirements. Regardless of business category or size, SSA captures relevant criteria in our proprietary knowledge base, and based on a focused assessment of your needs, provides you a list of select providers from which you can confidently evaluate and negotiate contact center services.

How does SSA identify the best outsourced contact center providers?

Keeping on top of the contact center industry is fundamental to who we are.  We know the global market and the best-in-class providers in each geography, whether US-based, near-shore, or offshore – including emerging locations.  We analyze industry mergers, acquisitions, and new entrants and how they may affect current and future market conditions and clients.  We analyze site locations to assess the local BPO employment environment and saturation, and identify emerging locations with demonstrable capabilities.

We compile this data and market analysis in our knowledge base of defined provider capabilities, and then identify the best providers and locations for each buyer client on an individual basis based on our detailed evaluation of buyer requirements and preferences.

How many contact center providers are in the SSA provider portfolio?

We are continuously updating our portfolio of providers based on assessments of changing market conditions.  We have reviewed over 150 contact center providers, with locations in over 130 countries, but only a select few are chosen for our matching program based on their proven performance record.

SSA has a wide range of contact center providers in our portfolio, each of which has satisfied the requirements of our audit process. These providers deliver a wide range of contact center solutions from locations in the U.S. and around the globe.  Referral agreements are executed between these select providers and SSA.

Why do best-in-class providers want to work with SSA?

We connect our providers to new customers that they might not otherwise identify or engage. And the cost to providers for our services is often less than the expense a provider would otherwise incur for in-house salespeople, allowing them to offer our buyer clients the most competitive pricing.  Our vetting process ensures the providers in our portfolio consistently deliver exceptional customer experience, affording them a competitive advantage over other providers not in our portfolio.

How is SSA compensated for connecting buyers to the right contact center providers?

We are compensated by providers in our portfolio only after an agreement is reached with one of our buyer clients.  These costs are accounted for by our providers in their normal business development budget in place of in-house sales compensation, so it does not increase a provider’s cost structure.  There are no fees to our buyer clients for our matching services.