Your Contact Center Sourcing Experts

In an industry with hundreds of Contact Center providers, finding the right outsourcing partner for your business can be a major challenge.

Experienced Fortune 50 Contact Center Buyers working for you

The SSA team of former Microsoft senior leaders has managed over $700M of annual contact center business working with many of the best providers in the industry. Let us apply this experience to help you make the right outsourcing decisions.

We analyze your outsourcing requirements, deliver a carefully chosen set of contact center providers matching your needs, and introduce you to their senior leaders – saving you the time, effort and risk of finding the right outsourcing partner.

All of our providers, large and small have been audited to ensure they meet the standards we used when procuring services for Microsoft.  SSA employs the same business model with all of our providers so there is no incentive to recommend one over the other.

Let Strategic Sourcing Advisors help you streamline your partner search.

  • Proven industry experience and insight
  • Carefully curated and continually updated knowledge base of best-in-class providers
  • Provider recommendations based on your unique requirements
  • Our portfolio of providers, across over 160 sites, can scale to meet any business need
  • Our services are delivered at no cost to buyers

"I have worked with Jon and team for 6+ years on contact center solutions.  They are professionals with deep contact center knowledge and extensive networks in the industry, including both buyers and suppliers. 

I highly recommend partnering with them to find excellent contact center solutions."

Tim Hopper
Responsible Sourcing Manager
Microsoft Corporation